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Pallavi Bhardwaj

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

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Pallavi Bhardwaj is a holistic health and lifestyle coach who has studied Macrobiotic Nutrition at Kushi institute U.S.A and Bach flower Therapy at The Bach Centre U.K. Pallavi is also proficient in Past Life Regression therapy which she learnt from the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, USA and is currently studying Ayurveda Acupressure. Pallavi uses Bach Flower Remedy, Past Life Regression, Yoga, Shiatsu, customized workouts and food knowledge to help individuals lead a holistic life. Currently, she is practicing as a holistic health and lifestyle coach where she uses her great melange of studies to counsel people on physical and mental well being. She utilises her rich experience to improve organ functions and metabolic activities and has been healing people with physical, mental and emotional issues through food, lifestyle changes and customised bach flower tinctures. Pallavi has named her workplace ‘Ibadat’ which means worship. According to her, life lived well is ‘ibadat’, every human body is like temple and soul residing is universal power keeping both in balance is nothing less than ‘ibadat’.


Pallavi ventured into the field of wellness early in her life after she gave birth to her son, Vedhang, in 2005 who was born with a congenital heart defect, an ASD and VSD. It was after his birth that she realised the value of well-being and the limitation of the modern medicine. Pallavi then pursued looking for various kinds of healing modalities which she could incorporate in her daily routine. Her course, throughout, was about discovering the significance of physical, mental and emotional health. Discovering one problem after the other kept her journey going on until she discovered healing through food and left for the USA to study Macrobiotics and thereafter to UK to study Bach Flower Remedy.


Pallavi firmly believes that in order to lead a holistic life the four wheels of life- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being have to be in equilibrium. Pallavi's approach is to resolve the issues faced by her clients organically and to encourage a lifestyle that is sustainable and balances the four wheels of life. Pallavi counsels individuals from all across India, focuses on customised sessions to match the energy dynamics of her clients and then builds upon the therapy accordingly. Till now, Pallavi has managed to control lifestyle of more than 1500 clients, including people suffering from various ailments and conditions like diabetes, cancer, anxiety, hypertension, obesity and other concerns. 


The  9 year-old counselor, truly believes that "Nature is endowed with the wisdom of healing powers". She uses Bach Flower remedies extensively to improve the emotional metabolism which eventually leads to improving physical health. Bach Flower Remedy is a gift from nature that restores the balance between the mind and the body by divorcing from the negative emotions. In her experience of more than 9 years of practicing nutrition along with Bach flower remedies, Pallavi has witnessed how her remedies have not only healed her clients physically and mentally but also empowered them emotionally.


As a macrobiotic counselor, she strongly believes that food not only affects the body mind and spirit but also affects destiny as the Macrobiotic diet balances the spiritual and physical well being by avoiding all possible toxins. Macrobiotics is all about looking at a person as a part of the universe; of them being the creator, preserver and destroyer all by themselves.  Pallavi believes that physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual well being is imperative to lead a holistically sound and robust life. 


For the past seven years, Pallavi along with her husband Sandeep Madhavan have been a part of Child Heart Foundation. During the current pandemic, the duo has founded Save Well Being- a platform that offers supreme quality, pesticide-free, 100%  natural and organic food grown under natural climatic conditions.



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